August Goal Check-In & New Goals

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend – mine involved lots of work,  Crossfit, and a little relaxing.  Essentially I spent the weekend cooking, behind a camera, or sweating – I’d call that a win. Clearly, the pup had a great weekend getting into something yellow. (Really, this post just needed a gratuitous dog picture)


I have no idea how August snuck up on me or  how it’s almost half-way over (seriously, where did it go!?) but a goal check-in and update is much, much overdue.  Plus, I’ve got some new goals that need to get down on paper (uh, blog virtual paper?). So, let’s get down to it.

Life Goals:


1. Make big career decisions – DONE! (for all intensive purposes) I can’t WAIT to tell you all about this! It is definitely happening soon and it’s equal parts exciting and all-out terrifying.

2. More date nights with the husband – we kind of got out of this habit but are bringing it back.20120813-104449.jpg

3. Practice moderation – this is a constant struggle for me. I get obsessive about things (like cleaning, dishes, etc.) and forget that, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

4.*NEW* Practice taking risks – I’m a cautious person by nature. I’m analytical, I value logic, and I thrive on structure but lately, I can tell that I’m letting my “cautious” aka “fearful” nature prevent me from going all out on things.


Blog Goals:


1. Grow readership & visibility – this is definitely happening! Thank you all for stopping by, commenting, and making this hobby into a large part of my life. Also, welcome new readers! :)

2. Continue to work on photography & new recipes – I need to take more time to just shoot without an agenda or assignment. I’ve been trying to experiment and branch out a bit on my shoots, which has been refreshing.  On the recipe front, I need to step up my game – sometimes I get creatively overloaded, especially during a heavy shoot month, but I really do enjoy it. 20120813-104510.jpg

3. Post consistently – I’ve been posting about 3 times a week pretty consistently. I would like to post more so hopefully, I can make that happen soon.

4. *NEW*Do more networking and freelancing – I’ve got a few blog related events coming up so it will be a great networking opportunity. I also want to branch out on my freelancing to include more article writing, outside blogging, and social media. So, you know, if you want to hire me…. ;)



Food Goals:


1. Continue to eat clean and focus on whole, unprocessed foods – I’m in a really good nutritional space right now and need to just keep it up.

2. Less grazing/snacking – I’m getting better at this! I am being adamant about having a substantial snack/meal after work to tide me over in the afternoons and making sure I am eating every 2/5-3 hours.

3. Implement meal planning and plan ahead for busy weeks – I’m not the best “meal planner” but I have been doing better about prepping ahead.

4. *NEW* Limit sugar and grains – I’ve been doing this for a while but now, I want to tighten it up even more. I’ve noticed that sugar gives me raging headaches, as do grains. I won’t outright “restrict” myself but I want to keep those items limited to 1-2 “cheat meals” a week. I just feel and perform much better without them.


Fitness Goals:


1.  Do a handstand – DONE! Now that I’m pretty comfortable with wall handstands, I’ve been working on refining my kick up and practicing them without wall support.

2.  Run at least one race – DONE! I'm not sure where  I stand with running right now - it's not my favorite but I could see myself doing a short race in the future.


3. Lose weight and continue to gain muscle – Yes and yes.

4. *NEW* Do unassisted dead-hang pull-up – I really want to get this by the end of the year. I’m probably going to talk to my coaches and see if they can put together a little "homework” to help me achieve it.


Tell me:

1. How are you doing on your goals? Have you made any new ones lately?

2. What sort of posts would you like to see? More recipes, more fitness, motivation-talk, photography-talk, etc.?

P.S. If you missed it last week, check out my guest post over at the lovely Colleen's blog about a topic near and dear to my heart: how to stay healthy when your life revolves around food.