Crossfit, Wine, & Canning

This weekend was filled with some work (packing, painting) and lots of fun. We are going to be moving this weekend so recipes may be sparse around here until we get settled - don't worry, I've got some fun food-related posts planned :) 20120715-075959.jpg

The weekend fun kicked off on Friday with happy hour at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts with fellow Richmond bloggers including: Liz, Lauren, Shannon, Katherine, Brittany, and Valerie. We drank wine, talked about important issues like who has the best happy hour, mushroom foraging, and how to avoid less than desirable train seat mates. I had tons of fun and recommend checking out the VMFA for Friday happy hour.



Saturday involved Crossfit, canning, and wine. Brittany and I hit up our second CrossFit Fundamentals class which focused on push ups & kettle bell lifts.  I love KB work but loathe push ups - I have a hard time getting back up off the ground after hand-releasing while keeping a strict plank. It's something I need to work on for sure. Our WOD was super short but intense and left me insanely sweaty and my upper back  and butt are a bit sore today. My next class is next week and I can't wait! (P.S. who watched the Games this weekend? So inspiring!)

After CrossFit, we had a small canning party courtesy of Brittany, Ball Canning, and their #canitforward campaign. We kept it simple and made some salsa with the starter packet from the canning kit.


DSC_1846 Delicious farmer's markets tomatoes ready for canning

DSC_1904 Liz stirring the salsa while it boils

DSC_1937 Brittany removing air bubbles before we lid & boil the jars.

DSC_1925 Lauren tightening the lids (just to "finger tight")

DSC_1953 Dropping the jars into the boiling water to boil for 35 minutes.

DSC_1967 Lots of picture taking happens when you're with bloggers.

DSC_1978 Our canned salsa all ready to go!

We had such a fun time learning and refining our canning skills - hopefully we can all do it again soon!



After canning, I met up with some friends  since one of them is moving to Boston to get her PhD (STAY ALEX!!!) for wine at my favorite wine bar, Secco. We drank delicious wines, talked for a few hours, and had a great time.

Today will contain some fun, more house moving work, and getting prepped for a busy week.

How has your weekend been? Anyone do anything fun & exciting?