WIAW: Moving, Food, & Fitness

We are finally all moved in and are beginning to get settled. Also, if never see spackle again it will be too soon. 20120724-201017.jpg

The move was long and tiring so I'm glad it's over!


Since this week has been all sorts of crazy, here is a peek at my life the past few days:


Lots of CrossFit: I'm finished with my Fundamentals classes and just have to test on Sunday


This workout killed me but was great. Thrusters (65#) AMRAP 5 min (I did 22)

Before the WOD, We found our 1 rep max for front squat - I got up to 125# which is kind of insane. I never front squat and didn't think I could move something very heavy but my coach kept adding weight and I kept going straight for a new PR. Suffice to say my legs were jello and I had lovely barbell hickeys.

Chipotle moving fuel: burrito bowl with no rice, no beans, extra chicken, veggies, and guacamole.


First meal in the new kitchen: open faced BLTs on grain free almond meal biscuits (they need tweaking but almost there).


I have finally reached my goal of doing a handstand - and now I'm obsessed. Gotta love inversions!


All of these things grow in my backyard: figs (almost ready), pears (still have a bit), and blackberries (amazing).


Some days you just need chocolate. I think I need more of this ASAP - it is my birthday week after all



I'm hoping to have a yummy recipe for you all next week - after I get over my birthday cake hangover, obviously.