WIAW & Beating Weight Loss Boredom

Even though consistency is key in my world, I often find myself getting into a rut. I get into a rut with food and start slowly loosening the reigns on my nutrition for no other reason than I'm bored. To be clear - I've got not problem eating cake and other delicious things for special occasions or indulging a bit during family dinners, in fact, there is no food that is "off limits" for me (minus gluten, obviously) and I have ZERO guilt when I do splurge.

Loosening the grip on my nutrition out of boredom looks more like eating little things here or there that I know I don't need or even really want. I'm just bored and it's my mind's way of rebelling against my routine.


Me & my mom working out in her building's gym

The same thing happens with my workouts - even though I rarely do the EXACT same workout twice (I may do variations of a workout that are very similar but not exactly the same), I find myself not pushing as hard as I know I can simply because my mind and body are bored.

I've begun to be aware of when this is happening and will intentionally switch up my workouts. For example, last week I didn't step foot in my regular gym for most of the week - instead, I worked out at home and with my mom at her building's gym and it was just want I needed.


I did go to the gym this Sunday to set a post-stress fracture back squat PR

For the past two weeks or so I've felt like I was hitting a plateau. I was getting frustrated with myself and couldn't think of a way to bust through it, in a sustainable way - crash diets and working out for hours & hours aren't sustainable - until I realized that I was just bored. I figured out what was getting boring - the same workouts, same schedule,  same food - and started making some small changes. Now, that I've changed some things, I feel like I'm breaking through it and frankly, I'm going to crush it.


I've recently started jump roping again - it's fun & a killer workout

Here are my top tips for changing it up to beat weight loss boredom:

1. Admit your bored/plateaued/whatever: Admitting it is the first step and for me, it's the hardest part. I used to get down on myself and tell myself that I just need to go harder/faster/more and then I burn out and get injured. Now, when I feel like I'm getting to that place, I step back, assess why I'm bored/plateauing, and make a plan to change it. The human body & mind are incredible things - they adapt quickly and that's okay - it doesn't mean you're not doing "good enough", it means your body is working.

2. Make small diet tweaks: I play around with my nutrition frequently by making small tweaks here & there to see what works. I take the approach of a detective, not a dieter. I pay attention to how I feel, my energy levels, and my body and make changes from there. For example, lately, I've been trying to get more quality calories in (I always struggle to eat enough) and focusing on what foods keep me satiated & give me results. I've been eating much larger afternoon snacks and that's helped me stop the endless post-work snacking.

3. Try new workouts & step out of your comfort zone: I've been trying tons of new workouts lately.

  • I've been doing my HIIT cardio at home lately via videos, workouts I make up, or workouts others post and I love it.
  • I also tried out STOTT Pilates the other day thanks to a free session at Balance Pilates from soon-to-be instructor Liz - it was a ton of fun and made me aware of my weaknesses.
  • I've been doing CrossFit and think I have officially chugged drank the Crossfit kool-aid. I love the small training aspect of it and it's been pushing me way past my comfort zone.

4. Focus on making SMALL changes, slowly: Change one thing a week, or every two weeks, and make it small. This helps create more lasting, sustainable change and is also easier to handle psychologically. It's much easier to focus on drinking an extra glass of water for 2 weeks than overhauling your nutrition, workouts, and entire life in one day.

5. Remind yourself how far you've come: Pat yourself on the back every once and awhile and remember that boredom happens. Be a detective, investigate, make a plan, and crush it.

And because it's WIAW, let's talk food. Here are some small changes I have made to my nutrition to help beat boredom and crush this plateau:

- I'm focusing on lots of protein, fruit, & fats in the morning - I feel like this gives me the most energy and refuels me after my workouts


Patriotic grain free crepes for 4th of July

- I'm trying to getting more creative with dinners - chicken breasts & salads get old, fast.


Eggplant rolls with ground turkey & spinach, smothered in homemade tomato sauce


Catfish with kale, green beans,  summer squash, fresh tomatoes & basil

- I've been trying new recipes to keep me interested and have fun in the kitchen


Cauliflower crust BBQ chicken pizza

Happy Wednesday! It's almost the weekend - woohoo!

What do you do when you're feeling bored and/or plateaued? What are you favorite ways to break through a rut?