Weekend Fun & My First CrossFit Experience

I hope everyone had a great, safe, and hopefully power-filled weekend. This weekend was a bit crazy with all of the storms, heat wave, and power outages - I don't think I've ever experienced weather quite like that! Luckily, we never lost power and didn't have any damage to our place minus a few big tree limbs in the backyard. Despite the intense weather, this weekend was a ton of fun and truly felt like the first weekend of summer around our house. The husband and I grilled on Thursday, I hit the pool with my mom on Saturday after CrossFit, and we grilled again on Sunday. Bring on the summer!


Thursday dinner: Grilled porkchops with smoked new potatoes & swiss chard with a homemade pork-stock/apple butter demi-glace

20120702-081405.jpg Vegan banana softserve with grilled peaches & white balsamic honey caramel (this is the best thing. ever.)


Delicious gluten-free raspberry ale - it's like summer in a glass.


Saturday I took my first ever CrossFit class with Brittany. We both bought an Amazon local deal for 12 CrossFit classes and registered for the free trial class this afternoon. It was so much fun!


Our instructor spent a lot of time going over the mobility stretches and some warm-ups with us before teaching us the exercises for the WOD. The free trial WOD was:

8 push-ups 16 kettlebell swings 250m row AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 15 minutes

At first glance it doesn't seem very difficult but it was tough - especially in a non-air conditioned garage at 11am during a heatwave.

The instructor set up some bands for me to use to help with full range push-ups (chest to ground, pause, then back up all while keeping a perfect plank) but they were still tough!  He had me doing 16kg (35lb) kettlebell swings after deciding that the 14kg bell was too light for me during warm up - I thought that 14kg was plenty heavy but I managed the 16kg bell well! The rowing was tough since I haven't rowed in forever but he gave us some pointers on how to row more efficiently.


My personal goal was to complete at 4 rounds or at least 3 with part of a 4th round. I ended up almost completing FIVE rounds - I was only 50m away!


(Thanks for the picture, Brittany!)

I would be lying if I said that my upper back and shoulders were fully recovered from that workout - they're still a bit sore, in a good way.  Suffice it to say, I left my first CrossFit experience extremely sweaty, excited, and ready to do another class. Brittany and I have already signed up for our next two "Fundamentals" classes - can't wait!

Now it's time to get this Monday going - I'm predicting this in my future.