Delight Magazine

Hi all - I'm in the midst of moving/packing/painting chaos but I wanted to pop in to tell you guys about a magazine. Delight Magazine is an" food & lifestyle publication for people living with food allergies and sensitivities." Basically, it's an awesome gluten-free and food allergy magazine that is chock full delicious recipes, tips, and articles.

On of my favorite things about this magazine is that you can buy it on the iPad! I use my iPad for absolutely everything so I prefer having an electronic version rather than print - plus, less mess and clutter!

Oh, and I happen to be one of their photographers, recipe writers, and food stylists :-)

My recipe/photography debut is in their summer issue and features some seriously delicious recipes including...

PIES (recipes & photos by me)

peach & blackberry galett: one of my summer favorites

blueberry hand pies: the best portable pie ever

s'mores pie: I made two of these, my husband ate them both - in a week.


COCKTAILS (recipes & photos by me)

blackberry thyme gin fizz: my go-to summer cocktail

raspberry lime sangria: you can this recipe now  (trust me, you need it!)

strawberry lemon cooler: strawberry vodka plays a starring role

and some other delicious bites like these....

I was lucky enough to shoot these beer bite recipes - tastiest photo shoot ever? I think so. Although, people do look at you a bit strange when you're buying beer at 9am - I swear guys, it's for a shoot!

I'm not just talking up Delight because they asked me to (they didn't), they paid me to (they didn't), the people are amazing (they are!),  or because I work with them - I genuinely think this magazine is a great magazine for anyone who is gluten-free or has other food allergies.

Download or purchase a copy for all of these recipes plus many, many more.


And now, I'm craving pie and sangria.