Ten Tuesday Things

The past couple of days have been absolutely exhausting. I haven't really cooked anything in a few days so instead, I'm giving you ramblings. You're welcome. 1. My tendinitis is very, very angry. This is what I saw most of the day on Monday.


2. My foot is probably angry from helping my parents move all weekend. I carried lots of loads like this down nearly 1/4 mile of hallways - my biceps still burn.


3. Moving requires snacks and DIY electrolyte drink.


4. And beer, obviously.


5. Lots of impromptu yoga this weekend. Tendinitis pain requires one-leg chaturangas.


6. I'm obsessed with green smoothies again. Never, ever leave me again.


7. I signed up for my first Crossfit class with Brittany! I'm equal parts terrified (in a good way) and excited. I think I will be in love.

8. We found a new place to move into, finally! It's going to require so much of this.


9. I'm experimenting with coconut oil in my beauty routine. Best eye makeup remover ever! It is also the most delicious smelling moisturizer.

10. That's all I've got. But I've got these coming to you later this week!



OK, so there is one other thing.....

I am officially a FitFluential ambassador!!! I'm so excited to be joining the amazing FitFluential family!