Food, Fitness & Weight Loss Goal Updates

It's been a little while since I've done a goals update so let's do it!  Just to recap - I set some goals for myself at the New Year and have been working towards achieving them by the end of the year.  I'm doing periodic updates to help keep myself accountable and to encourage others to reflect on their goals, where they're going, and where they've been. So let's do this:

Grain-free bagels make excellent pizza bagels!

Food Goals: 1. Continue to eat clean and focus on whole, unprocessed foods.

My current eats have been pretty decent lately (minus the holiday weekend, of course) and I can tell that my body is happy. I do feel like I'm in a bit of rut but hopefully, I will break out of it.

2. Less grazing/snacking.

This is going much, much better since I started following an intermittent fasting (IF) protocol. Doing IF really helped me hone in my hunger signals and realize that if I'm hungry for a half an hour, there is no need to panic. I had a hard time with feeling anxious or panicky when I was hungry but now, it's not a big deal.  I still feel like I'm more "snacky" in the afternoons after work so I've been trying to make sure that I eat an adequate lunch, plan my afternoon snack so I don't graze for hours, and channel my energy into other things (like cleaning out my drawers, dusting, and doing laundry. ugh).

3. Implement meal planning and prepping ahead for busy weekdays.

I'm doing really well with planning ahead and planning my pre-dinner meals and I have actually grown to enjoy it! I never really feel bored and when I do, I know that I have other options that I can swap in.  This is also helping me manage my insulin resistance and getting those levels moving in the right direction. Plus, it's saving my last bit of remaining sanity :)


Fitness Goals:

1. Do a handstand in yoga.

I'm confident I will be able to do this at the end of the year if I keep at it.  I feel comfortable with doing bound headstand and  growing more comfortable with forearm stand against a wall so handstand is on the horizon.

2. Run at least one race, any distance, and stay injury-free.

Done! I'm still injury-free (knockoneverypieceofwoodever) minus a bit of chronic tendinitis in my ankle. I've been much better about listening to my body than I have in past years and I'm positive that this is a huge part of being injury-free.  I struggle with listening to my body and not pushing through pain but I'm determined to keep at it.

3. Lose weight and continue to gain muscle.

This is happening and it feel pretty damn amazing.  After being diagnosed as insulin resistant and starting medication, my body responded well. I've been PRing most of my major lifts this month (heck yeah!) and my overall fitness is at an all time high.  I'm feeling super motivated and ready to kick serious butt! Changing my diet, keeping my nutrition tight, and training hard have really started to pay off. I am now wearing the smallest size jeans I think I've ever worn and my body has changed shape. I didn't really realize how drastically the shape of my body changed until I was looking at some old photos. So, even though this makes me cringe a lot a little bit, I've got to share some comparison photos:

Me on a cruise in July 2010, just after we got engaged - this is the most out of shape I've been in a long time. Thanks grad school, multiple jobs, and stress galore.

Me at my bachelorette party in Vegas Sept 2011. Losing weight for the wedding but not as quickly as I feel like I should/want.

Me last week (May 2012) drinking margaritas on the beach with my mom.

(P.S. The scale is only about 10 lbs, different from the second and third photo. THAT'S what  hard and heavy weight lifting does, ladies.)

FINALLY, after spending years and years and years trying to take control of my body, it feels like it is finally happening. I've got a long ways to go but it feels encouraging to actually see change and feel like my body is working with me, not against me.  Anytime I'm feeling unmotivated, I tap into that feeling and it gets me through one last set, one last rep, or just simply out the door. It also helps that I have a great support system and that this is a lifestyle for me and it's a lifestyle that I love and enjoy.

Tell me, how are you doing on your goals?