Thursday Things

Hi there. It's been a crazy week and next week is only going to be more insane so let's keep it light-hearted today, shall we? Plus, it's Thursday which is one day closer to Friday which is one day closer to sleep and bourbon. 1. The husband and I got iPhones, yesterday! Finally! We also got a fancy new apple desktop computer to go along with our 2 iPads and Macbook - basically Apple owns our souls. We love them and this little girl was curious about the new device.

2. Mango margaritas were necessary before said Apple shopping spree. I'm convinced mango margaritas make a tough week disappear.

3. I've been stepping up my workout game and have dropped the NROLFW plan, for now. I'll talk more about this later but I'm pretty proud of my resulting muscles.

4. This had pork in it. It was heaven. The end.

5. I'm on a vegan, sugar-free ice cream kick and am currently dreaming up crazy combinations to make. Chocolate coconut banana ice cream anyone?!

6. I wish I could do outdoor yoga on top of a water feature every day.

Luckily, I can do it twice a month thanks to Project Yoga Richmond. If you're in Richmond, you must check out the classes and events held by this donation-based studio. All classes are usually donation-only or free and the instructors are beyond amazing. You'll find me at the majority of their outdoor events and at a 75-minute Vinyasa class every Thursday night.

And I will leave you with this image of my husband holding our dog like a baby.

Ridiculous? Oh yeah.