Gluten-free Living: Finding Healthy, Gluten-Free Food on the Road


There will be lots of these things happening this holiday weekend!

This weekend is a big road trip weekend - lots of people are taking trips to beach, family bbqs, or just simply taking a few days to get out of the city. Traveling can be stressful but can become even more stressful when you're gluten-free and living a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully you are lucky enough to be road tripping through a route with plenty of healthy, gluten-free options and if so, tell me where this route is because I haven't found it yet. More often than not, the only food options are the road are fast food or gas stations both of which aren't known for their stellar selection of organic veggies and glorious salads. You know I'm a fan of planning ahead and packing food to go but sometimes, it just doesn't happen.

Don't fret though because, believe it or not, I'm going to say that gas stations may be your best bet in finding something safe and healthy to eat. Why? Everything is pre-packaged (lower risk of cross contamination) and you can find some surprisingly healthy options at your local 711. So if you find yourself stuck at a gas station and in desperate need of a healthy snack (so you can splurge on margaritas later, obviously) try to find some of my go-to convenience store picks:

- string cheese - hardboiled eggs - fresh fruit (like apples) - unsalted, roasted nuts - Protein shakes (such as the Naked brand) - juice or water (add to blender bottle with a protein pack - instant shake!) - Power bars (finding gfree power/protein bars can be hard but some gas stations do carry them) - Veggie cups (some even have individual servings of hummus) - Greek yogurt - Individual peanut butter packets

As always, make sure you read labels and call the manufacturer if you are unsure. Happy road tripping!

Anyone else have any go-to healthy and gluten-free gas station snacks?