Day in the Life

There are lots of "day in the life" posts going around right now so I thought I would give you all a peek into an average day for me! I've got some new recipes coming at you later this week but for now, I will be buried under a mountain of photos to edits, an article to edit (not at all food/freelance related), and enough technical issues to make me scream. So, without further ado, here is a peak at my Monday (not all photos taken on Monday and most are recycle from my Instagram feed - sorry if you're sick of seeing them) :

5:30am: Alarm goes off, drag myself out of bed, feed the pup, and get my gym clothes on. I'm on total autopilot when I do this every morning and half of the time, I'm not even sure how I got from point A to point B in my house.  The pup goes outside, eats, and then promptly goes back to bed. I'm jealous of her life. I say goodbye to my sleeping husband and head out the door with a billion bags (I'm a crazy bag lady for sure).

6:00am: Gym time! My gym gets insanely busy in the afternoon so mornings are one of the few times where I don't have to fight off 3 dudes for a squat rack. Plus, the morning crowd is super nice and I get my workout done - no excuses.  Today's workout (not the one pictured - that's for Fridays. Disclaimer: always check with a doctor before starting an exercise program and obviously, I'm no personal trainer):

Monday - full body, quad heavy

Circuit 1:

push-ups: 3 x 12-15

mountain climbers: 3 x 30

squat: 1 warm up set to start circuit, 3 working sets getting progressively heavier - 1 x 12 (just oly bar so approx. 45 lbs), 1 x 12 (95lbs), 1 x 10 (105lbs), 1 x 5 (115lbs)

Circuit 2:

tricep bench dips: 3 x 15-20

high knees: 3 x 30 seconds

hanging knee raises: 3 x 12

Circuit 3:

barbell bent over row: 3 x 12 (just oly bar so about 45lbs)

mountain climbers 3 x 30

barbell lunges: 3 x 15-20 (just oly bar, so 45lbs - I usually go heavier on this but I'm really working on my form) 7:30am: After getting ready, I drive a few minutes to get to work. Yes, I get to work obnoxiously early and in turn, I leave super early. I'm a morning person and my productivity is high in the AM so it works perfectly for me. Also, I drink lots of this to get me through the early mornings (iced coffee = love).

10:00am: I take a quick break from work to eat my first, and largest, meal of the day.

Yes, I start eating at 10am - I'm doing an intermittent fasting protocol (IF),  which is something new for me, in the hopes off getting my body to get it's insulin-resistance act together. So far, I love it.

If you want to learn more about IF, check out this FAQ post. If you all are really interested, I will write a FAQ/info post about it once I've done it for a bit! (Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional of any sort and DO NOT recommend trying this sort of diet without monitoring by a professional and speaking to your doctor)

12:00-3:30am: Grab a quick snack to eat around 12:30-1. While doing IF, most people just eat 3 larger meals but I've noticed that my body really doesn't like that so I eat moderate sized meals more often.  I usually eat at my desk, take a quick walk around the block in the afternoon, and answer non-work related emails.

3:30pm: Leave the office to go home. Once I get home, I drag my obnoxious amount of stuff inside, do dishes, tidy up, change laundry, make a quick snack, and plop down at my computer to check emails.

4:30pm: I usually spend this time either photographing or prepping freelance or blog pieces. Today, I'm photographing and editing.

5:00pm: I edit photos for a bit, write a blog post, check more emails, and start thinking about dinner.

6:30pm: Dinner is served (chicken taco-less salad with swiss chard)! Time to relax, play around online, do some editing, and take a breath.

7:30pm: Another small snack (protein powder, cocoa powder, greek yogurt, splash of milk) before I stop eating for the night since my last meal is at 8pm.  I also take this time to pack my food for the next time, get my work clothes and workout clothes for the next day, write out my workout if necessary, etc. Basically I prepare for my morning autopilot mode.

10:00pm: Time to collapse into bed and do it all over again. And yes, my dog sleeps on a pillow, with a blanket. Spoiled much?