Wholesome Goodness

A little while back, the nice folks at Wholesome Goodness contacted me about trying some of their products since they knew I'm always on the look out for healthy, gluten-free products. After reading more about Wholesome Goodness as a company and their mission of making healthy foods more accessible, I decided to give them a try. I'm particular about what I do/do not accept for review on the blog and aim to review things that I would probably purchase on my own if I saw them in a store. Originally, they had offered to send me some gluten-free oats and other oat containing products along with the other goodies they sent me (we will get to that in a minute) and after doing some online sleuthing, I inquired if the oat products were truly gluten-free since I can't tolerate oats that have been cross contaminated in any way. The rep I was in contact with was great and did a TON of research on the manufacturing and production of the products for me - this was so refreshing because often times, companies will simply brush you off or give you a vague answer. After some back and forth, the oat issue was still a bit unclear so I opted to try some other products in the mean time. Here's the box of goodies:


- flax tortilla chips - garden vegetable tortilla chips - pomegranate blueberry acai juice - chocolate almond milk - balsamic vinaigrette dressing - garden salsa - kansas city style bbq suace

Overall, everything they sent was really good! I am in love with the garden vegetable tortilla chips and the husband was a huge fan of the flax tortilla chips. We are tortilla chip fiends so I'm glad we found another brand that we really like. The chocolate almond milk was also a favorite and I often found myself drinking a small glass after a hard run or when chocolate craving hit. Although I'm typically not a juice fan, I liked the pomegranate juice as an addition to my smoothies and as little champagne accompaniment. The salad dressing has been great for work lunches and I really like the consistency and taste. The bbq sauce was good on tofu although it was a bit too sweet for our tastes. The salsa was okay - we are HUGE salsa snobs and honestly this is only the second time I've intentionally ever eaten jarred salsa because our family makes the best homemade salsa.


As I said, overall, everything was great! Many of the items got husband approval as well - this is great because he typically doesn't care for food that tastes "too healthy", the man does have a tattoo dedicated to bacon after all ;)

My only criticism of the Wholesome Goodness line would be that some of the products have added sugar (like the salad dressing) or other slightly processed products. I will note that the amount of processed ingredients and sugars are definitely less than other comparable products, which is great. I also love that Wholesome Goodness is trying to increase access to healthy foods which is an issue I'm very passionate about. So if you're looking to try some new products, I would definitely give Wholesome Goodness a try!

Disclaimer: I did receive free products from Wholesome Goodness however all opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid for this post.