VA is for Bloggers Who Brunch

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending an awesome brunch organized by the wonderful Liz and always entertaining Sarah to kick off VA is For Bloggers! We've all brunched and lunched together before and simultaneously invaded the Twitter-verse with our #VAis4Bloggers hashtag but now Sarah and Liz have turned a humble hashtag into a full fledged site and organization.  If you're a Virginia blogger and haven't become a member yet (it's free! it's fun! there is usually swag involved!), then sign up! To kick off this great site, a brunch was organized at Stella's - a local Greek restaurant that is absolutely deilcious.  I happen to live dangerously close to Stella's (read: around the corner) and the husband and I have been a few times for dinner and always loved it so I was excited to experience brunch.

The event was great - there was a raffle drawing for Sarah's delicious peanut butter (and a coconut variation of it!) as well as some Love Grown granola and we each got a little swag bag full of goodies including:

Love Grown granola (the best granola ever. and it's gluten-free!) Coupons for Love Grown & Chobani A coconut macaroon & PB, chocolate stuffed strawberry from Lauren (that strawberry will now be a staple in my house) and I contributed some of these cookies

To eat, I had the vegetarian skillet - it was HUGE and delicious! Everyone's food looked spectacular including Megan's dish - the Lafayette (the husband would looove this) and Stephanie's insane frappe (which I need, ASAP).  The service was excellent and they even brought out loukomades which are essentially Greek donuts/ fritter/funnel cake - I couldn't partake but everyone said they were killer.  I think Stephanie pretty much summed up everyone's feelings about them with this quote worthy gem ;).

After everyone left, I quickly ran back to my house and made a little treat bag full of cookies and other goodies to thank the server and staff for being so accommodating and taking care of our large group.  I can't wait for the next VA is for Bloggers event!

And now...a slideshow! I figured a slideshow would result in less computer crashing :)