Make Ahead Tropical Green Smoothie

Spring is officially here which means its time for all things green - green grass, green decor, and green smoothies. I love green smoothies for breakfast, snacks, lunches, or any time I need to eat a meal on the go (which is quite often!). The only thing I don't love about smoothies? Hauling out my massive blender every day, washing said blender, and repeating the process every time I want some of the cold stuff. In order to increase my morning efficiency, and get out the door on time, I started making my smoothies at night. This cut down on morning prep time but still required lots of hauling and washing. Unsure of what else to do, I stuck to this method and just accepted my dishwashing fate. DSC_0077edit1

Then one day, while surfing around on everyone's favorite idea landmine, Pinterest, I stumbled across an image of smoothies frozen in muffin tins. I thought this was genius, pure genius. It only took me a few weeks, ahem, months to get around to trying this method of make-ahead smoothie and I have to say, I'm sold!

Click on over to Stuffed Pepper blog to check out the recipe! I'm blogging over there a few times a month to share recipes, tips, and other gluten-free goodies. Browse around the site and check out all of their great recipes and resources!