Monument Ave 10K Recap

My official time for Monument Ave 10K was 1:11:23 and I’m pretty damn proud of it! This was my first race, after a serious stress fracture with only a month of running rehab under my belt.  It was such a fun race that I honestly felt like I could have kept running for hours!  But, before I get ahead of myself, let’s recap: That morning I got up bright and early to eat a small breakfast (apple + pb) and drink some coffee.  I was getting a bit nervous last night when I was laying out my gear but this morning, I was definitely feeling a nervous. I wasn’t sure how my foot would do and even though I had run 5 miles on Monday, I wasn’t sure about my mental resolve.  After all, I’ve never run a race and although 6 miles isn’t terribly long, it’s longest I’ve run since my injury.

 Gear layout: Lululemon running crops, Lululemon cool racerback, compression socks, SparklySoul head band (loooove!), Champion sports bra, Timex watch, Gu chomps for before the race  & Gu tri-berry for during the race. (Sidenote:  Because my body essentially doesn’t know what to do with carbs and I eat a low carb diet, my legs completely bonk out after 3 miles.  "Carb-loading” does nothing for me, thanks body, but the Gu’s help!)


After hanging around and getting ready, my mom and stepdad met us at our apartment and my mom and I headed out to the race!  Parking was INSANE so we ended up coming back and having the guys drop us off.   Once we were dropped off, we quickly booked it the start line, took the fastest bathroom break ever, and got in our corral.  We hung around for a bit and before we knew, we were off!


Mom and I pre-race at my apartment.  I'm looking mighty fine without makeup here, ugh.

Our initial plan was to run for about 5-6 mins and walk for 1 throughout the entire race.  We did this for about the first 2.5 miles and after that, we just kinda walked when we felt like it. I felt great at the start and was tempted to just book it for the first few miles but we held back, took our walk breaks, and saved our energy.  We split a Gu around mile 3 because I somehow lost mine between the ride over and the start line – this worked out well because I didn’t need a whole one. Between mile 3 and mile 4 we saw my husband and my stepdad on the sidelines.  It was such a great boost to see my husband and definitely helped me stay in the game.

 Passing by our husbands.

Miles 4-5 were harder on me mentally but between the crowd, the encouragement from my mom, and the fact that we were almost done, I pushed through. Physically, I was feeling pretty good. We didn’t stop between miles 3-4 and only took one break before mile 5.  Once we saw mile 5 we kept on running and only stopped to shake out our legs a bit towards mile 6.  Soon, the finish was in sight and we started sprinting towards the line.  Finishing felt amazing – I honestly felt like I could have run another 4 miles! My foot and legs felt pretty good and I wasn't all that tired. After finishing, we meandered through to get some water, bananas, and powerade and met our ride (aka husbands).

After the race, the husband and I went over to my parent’s house since we decided trying to go anywhere in the city was a lost cause. We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beer, eating nachos, and hanging out in the gorgeous spring weather.  Overall, I had such an amazing time and felt great physically and mentally.

I think I’ve officially been bitten by the racing bug.  Half-marathon next?  Maybe :)

P.S. I will update with official race photos once I get them!