VA is 4 Bloggers

DSC_0043_529edit1 On Saturday, I made the short drive up to Charlottesville to meet up with fellow food bloggers at Feast! Sarah from The Smart Kitchen organized the meet up and it was so fun to chat with Kath, Sarah, Alex, Liz, Brittany, Lauren, Faith, Kristin, and Jess.  The VA blog community is really great and full of super nice people which makes all of the meet-ups a guaranteed good time.

[thanks for the picture, Kath! Please ignore that my eyes are half closed...I'm terrible at group pictures]

Once at Feast! Sarah gave us a little favor - homemade cinnamon honey peanut butter in the cutest jars ever. Lauren also brought us all Gearharts chocolates which are to die for - mint julep and maya flavors. Both were equally awesome, then again, all of their chocolates are delicious. Brittany also brought some heady goo balls - we definitely did not have a shortage of snacks.


I ordered the Mediterranean salad for lunch and it was awesome.  I'm usually hesitant to order any sort of tuna salad but this one was super flavorful and not smothered in mayo.  Definitely need to recreate it at home.


After chatting at lunch and wrapping up, a few of us walked around Feast and took advantage of all the free samples - especially the chocolate and dulce de leche.  I really love this little store/cafe and will definitely come back next time I'm in Cville.

DSC_0019_524edit1 DSC_0024_525edit1DSC_0035_526edit1 DSC_0037_527edit1 DSC_0038_528edit1

Then, we wandered around and ended up at The Spice Diva to check out and purchase some spices.  I had actually wandered in before the meet up since I got to Cville in record time and purchased some grey fleur de sel, black truffle salt (!), and intensely fragrant garam masala.  This little spice shop was fantastic and I can't wait to take the husband there. I'm sure he will be in spice heaven.


It was a wonderful Saturday and now I'm off to pay bills and do laundry. Exciting? Not so much.