Fitness Motivation and Recommendations

Has everyone recovered from their chocolate hangover yet? I still think I’m recovering for the chocolate overload.  Today, I have something a little different to talk about instead of a recipe.  I just started a new medication (more on that later on) and it’s definitely taking its toll on my appetite.  The only things I want to eat right now are giant bowls of gfree mac and cheese and peanut butter (and before anyone asks, nope I’m not pregnant). So instead, we’re going to talk about my other favorite topic, besides food, which is fitness! While this blog will always focus on food (healthy and not) I do want to start blogging a bit more about healthy living and fitness.

I love discuss these topics and love doing the gluten-free living posts and I think it's a great way to hear lots of different thoughts, opinions, experiences on healthy living topics.  Plus, a girl's gotta burn off those treats!

I’m a self-proclaimed fitness lover and it’s no secret that I love my gym and yoga time.   But lately, my routine has left me feeling a bit eh.  Does anyone else feel this way after a bit?  I personally find it hard to stay super motivated when I don’t have a plan or goal.

Currently my workout schedule looks like this:

Mon: back, chest + abs, HIIT

Tues: cardio + 60 min power yoga

Wed: rest/yoga

Thurs:  cardio + 75 min vinyasa yoga

Fri: arms + abs, HIIT

Sat: full body circuit + cardio (HIIT or not)

Sun: legs + yoga

My goal when making my schedule was simply to split up my lifting days, add in a bit more cardio only days to help get back in running shape, and make sure I can get in at least 3 yoga sessions and two rest days.  Occasionally, I take two rest days but it depends on the week. There's no real rhyme or reason to it and I think that is what is leaving me a bit unmotivated.


(edit: Wordpress ate my picture and last part of this post yesterday, not sure why - but I fixed it!)

To combat this lack of motivation, please share your favorite workout program/plan or type of workout. Feel free to link up the workouts if they are online or you can share them with me on Pinterest.  Looking forward to hearing about what you guys are loving right now!