Wedding Recap Part 3: Details

If you missed part 1 and part 2 give them a read! Details

Although we didn't do a ton of DIY projects, we did do a fair amount of things. One of my goals was to make sure that the event was cohesive and that all of the details were connected.  I'm a super detail oriented person so having a continuous theme was important to me.  We used this printable pacakage from as our theme for all of the details since it fit with our personal style and the feel of our wedding.  I used the monogram from the site on several elements of our wedding including: in the welcome bags we gave to guests,

gifts for my bridesmaids,

on signs that I designed and printed,

our table numbers

our chair signs and

on our wedding favors.

For our favors, my mom and I made apple butter with local apples from our CSA and I created a label using the monogram.  I think this was my favorite DIY project even though it was the most labor intensive.

We made our programs using a kit from Michaels that was similar to our invitations, which was much cheaper than getting them printed, and they turned out fantastic!

We also made our own seating card display which was definitely one of my favorite details.  Due to some RSVP issues, we had to come up with a creative solution to seat people by party rather than by individuals.  After searching online for hours and coordinating with our florist, we decided to have small envelopes hanging off of branches which ended up being a hit.

Our DIY projects were a huge collaborative effort - my mom helped me with many, many projects and my stepdad is the one responsible for our "thank you" and "just married" sign.

He also designed the scroll work on the cake!

Everyone loved the favors and other details and I think it really pulled the entire event together without spending hours slaving over projects or shelling out a ton of cash to have someone else do it.

That 's it! I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse at our wedding day!