Things I'm Loving Right Now: Fitness Gear

Happy Friday!  It's been an insane week over here and I'm looking forward to some very fun things I've got planned for the weekend. I promise to post some awesome recipes next week but for now, I wanted to share some of my favorite fitness gear/gadgets that I am loving right now.  Exercise is a huge part of my life - I regularly run (when my knee is cooperating), practice yoga, and do HIIT strength/cardio (mostly via BodyRock).  I ditched my gym membership about 6 months ago and have loved every second of it.  I am a firm believer that you can get an awesome workout at home with minimal equipment.  As the seasons start changing and it gets chilly and dark, it becomes much easier to watch  hours of law and order instead of hitting the pavement.  I like to scale back my workouts a little bit in early September to give my body some rest time after summer and for many, school is starting and books instead of weights seem to be the priority. It can be easy to take a break from exercise and extend that break for a bit too long.  One way I have found to get excited about exercise is to buy some new fitness gear.  New fitness gear always motivates me because I usually can't wait to use or wear it and that gets me out the door. After that, endorphins do the rest.  Here are my favorite fitness items that are getting me excited about fall workouts!

Camelbak Groove Water Bottle

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This water bottle arrived at my doorstep one night and I still have no idea who it is from! Whomever it is from - THANK YOU! This water bottle is amazing. I use it all day, every day - in my office, at home, and for work outs.  I love that it has it's own filter so you can fill it up just about anywhere and get clean, fresh H20.  It's lightweight, BPA-free (always a requirement for me), and has a bite-valve tip which makes it virtually spill proof - a good thing for me since I'm the messiest person ever. If you need a new water bottle, I recommend this one - you really do drink more water because of it!

Vibrams FiveFingers TrekSport

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Oh yes, I'm a Vibrams convert. I've had chronic knee problems for a few years now and have never found a shoe that has made running comfortable and injury-free for me. I heard about Vibrams and the way they can help change your running gait and after some extensive research, I bought a pair. I don't think I can ever go back!  They have helped my knee pain tremendously and are helping me improve my gait. I bought the treksport because I run primarily outdoors and these have the most support out of the majority of the models, which is good for a beginner.  If you're intrigued, visit a store and talk to an employee about them and try them out!

Lululemon Wunder Under Crops

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I could live in these crops and honestly, I practically do.  Although these are some seriously expensive crops, I think they are worth every penny.  They're super comfy, ultra moisture-wicking (I got caught in a thunderstorm with these and had dry legs), and are great for any sort of work out.  The best part is that they are also nice enough to double as non-work out clothes - I'm all about multipurpose clothes!  I highly recommend these - especially for fall running and yoga!

Reebok R-Series Small Duffle

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My one hesitation about leaving my gym was the fact that I wouldn't have access to weights.  I love bodyweight exercises but there does come a time when you need a bit more, which is where this bag comes in.  I used to use this bag to tote my work out gear to and from the gym but now, it serves as a weight bag. I fill it with a kettlebell, culinary school books (those suckers are heavy), and other various objects to get my desired weight based on the exercise that I'm doing.  The handles make it easy to use, it is sturdy enough to support moderate weight (mine currently holds between 30-40lbs),  and you can add or subtract any amount of weight you want. Plus, it is way cheaper than buying a full set of weights. Manduka Black Mat Pro

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This yoga mat is pricey, but if you work out at home, it really can't be beat.  I got mine as a gift from my fiance (he knows me so well) and I use it every single day.  It has ample amount of cushion to support your wrists during push ups or yoga poses, doesn't get too slippery, and works well indoors and outdoors.  I do outdoor yoga every week and even in wet grass, my mat doesn't slide too much. I love the amount of support the mat offers compared to other mats since I used to have a real issue with having my wrists hurt after every yoga session. The mat also is guaranteed for life and I'm convinced I couldn't kill it if I tried.  If you're in the market for a multi-purpose mat with adequate support, I don't think this can be beat.

So there are some of my favorite fitness things that get me excited to work out! I try to buy a new piece every couple months to keep things exciting and like to buy things that will last. Nothing is more irritating that seeing your equipment fail or having to replace something every couple of months.

P.S. I was not paid to review any of these products. These are all products that have been purchased by me (with the exception of the CamelBak Groove and Manduka Mat) and these reviews are based on my personal experience. I genuinely like these products and wanted to share my experience with you all!