Four Things

If you're looking for a recipe - check out my vegan, gluten-free chai banana bread! I can happily report that it freezes beautifully. I just sliced, wrapped individual pieces in foil, and put in a freezer bag. To defrost - simply unwrap and microwave for about 30 seconds to a minute. Happy Monday! This has been floating around the blog world for a bit now and I thought it would be interesting to post it! My blog is less "personal" than some other blogs so enjoy creeping on my life (ha!). I will be back later in the week with a really yummy recipe before I head out to Vegas for the weekend!

1. Four TV shows I watch: We don't have cable right now, but we watch a lot of Netflix/Hulu: 1. Dexter (Oct. 2!!!) 2. Mad Men (how did I NOT watch this show for so long?!) 3. Modern Family 4. House

2. Four things I'm passionate about: 1. Food (obviously) 2. Fitness 3. Photography 4. Domestic violence/sexual violence advocacy/gender equality

3. Four things I do everyday: 1. Coffee. 2. Workout (Occasionally, I have one complete rest day. Usually it's 3 days running, 2 days HIIT, 3 days yoga) 3. Say 'I love you' 4. Play with my insane dog.

4. Four things I've learned from the past: 1. Stop caring about what other people think. 2. Be your own advocate/supporter. 3. Life's not fair, it's hard, and it sucks at times. Then it doesn't. 4. Just do it.

5. Four places I would like to go: 1. Italy 2. Greece 3. On a run 4. Spain

6. Four things I want: 1. More coffee. 2. New 50mm lens 3. Lululemon trip for fall workout clothes 4. All of my wedding related tasks to be magically completed by elves

7. Four things I'm looking forward to: 1. MY WEDDING IN 39 DAYS!!!!!! 2. My bachelorette party in LAS VEGAS this weekend!! 3. Racing my first running races - 8k and possibly 10k in November 4. Buying new clothes - wearing clothes from 30lbs ago isn't really cutting it.

8. Four things I love about fall: 1. Pumpkin! (who knew, right?) 2. Boots 3. Scarves 4. Nature - is there anything more beautiful than the leaves and light of fall? Nope.

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