Peach Basil Margaritas

Today is National Tequila Day!  I'm so glad I found out about this since this may be one of the best holidays ever. In honor of national tequila day and because I have a slight obsession with margaritas, I'm going to share a quick margarita recipe that involves peaches and basil. Yum.

Well, I suppose I shouldn't say this is a recipe since you really don't need any exact measurements. Essentially, the moral of the story is that tequila + peach puree + basil = love.

Easy, right?

Peach Basil Margaritas

Here is what I used to make mine, alter the amount of tequila or limeade depending on your preferences!

2 cups gold tequila (you don't necessarily need to bust out the Patron or 1800 but do get something that is tasty)

4 cups limeade, I used the Simply Limeade brand

2 cups fresh peach puree (Wash about 3 medium peaches and dice. Place in blender to puree. Strain with a fine mesh strainer if you would like)

a handful of fresh basil, I use a mix of sweet and Thai basil - slap the leaves between your hands to help release some of the oils.

1. Place all ingredients in a large pitcher and mix to combine.  Taste and adjust as needed.

2. Refrigerate overnight for best flavor. Although they taste pretty damn good if you drink them immediately.