Weekend Recap

I should be posting a recipe right now but this weekend was super busy and I am hustling about trying to make sure I have everything before surgery tomorrow.  I promise I will post some awesome stuff next week! I'm sure I will be have plenty of time to think of new recipes while I'm laying in bed. I'm rambling...

On to the recap!

Friday: date night at James River Cellars "Fridays on the Patio"

I bought a Livingsocial deal for this months and months ago but we haven't been able to use it until this Friday.  James River Cellars is a local vineyard that we like and the Friday on the Patio is an event that offers music, wine tasting, and food on the outside lawn. It was a gorgeous night and we had such a great time!

Wine! We are drinking the Chambourcin which is a sweeter red wine that is extremely versatile - perfect picnic wine.

Since we knew I probably couldn't eat there (I definitely couldn't) we brought our own picnic.  We started off with some cheese and gfree crackers...

and then had some black bean and quinoa salads for our main course.  It was nice to have a light dinner since we ate tons of cheese and wanted to save room for dessert.

The quick picnic desserts were amazing.  I need to make these all the time.


Saturday: my brother's 18th birthday

My little brother officially became an adult on Saturday! We went out to dinner at a local restaurant called WaterGrill.  It was sooo good! We had never been before but I can garuantee we will be going back. And I will do pictures next time, promise.

The big (and glittery?)  1-8!

Showing off his drummer skills on the new Vic Firth drumsticks we got him.

His friends also got him the largest and most hilarious balloon I have ever seen.

Sunday: errands, working from home

No pictures from the actual day on Sunday as we were busy doing really boring things. But we did make a really good dinner that consisted of many of these delicious vegetables from the market.

Pretty purple onions

Cinderella really should have used this eggplant as her carriage instead of a pumpkin.

Tomatoes! Finally! This bowl was gone quickly - Brad can eat tomatoes all day.

I will be laid up for a few days so you won't hear from me on the blog for a bit but I probably be on Facebook and TwitterI am not responsible for any painkiller induced posts or tweets. It could be amusing.  Have a good week everyone!!!