Quick and Easy Picnic Dessert

Hey everyone! I know, I've been a bit quiet here lately - it's been a very hectic week and I am getting prepared for an even more eventful week next week.  I'm having surgery on Tuesday, so things may be a bit quiet around here.  



I just wanted to stop in and share this quick and easy picnic dessert idea!

Take my no-bake crust (hint: make a big batch and freeze it then thaw out in the fridge the day before you need it) and pack it into a cute little mason jar.

Add some vanilla  bean custard, or any custard really. Or maybe even some lemon curd. Yum.

Then pop a few (or a lot) of fresh berries, like blackberries on the top.

See? A cute, tasty little picnic dessert that is perfect for traveling.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a man, a picnic, and a vineyard.