Green Eggs and Ham

Two posts in a row?! I know, I'm feeling crazy. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the famous Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs and Ham" - it was definitely a personal favorite of mine when I was a child.  This book is single-handedly responsible for the chefs constructing renditions of "green eggs and ham" in restaurants across the country.  Well, I made my own version.

Admittedly, the usual take on green eggs and ham - toxic colored eggs and ham that looks like it was found in the back of the fridge in 1974 - terrifies me.  I'm all for playfulness and whimsy in the kitchen; I'm just not all for dropping a few drops of food coloring onto something and calling it new and exciting. I've always wanted to make my own version of this iconic dish but never really put much thought in it.  Until one sleepy Sunday morning.

This dish came about by accident (like usual) - I was originally going to make this recipe for bacon wrapped baked eggs with polenta but I didn't have any polenta.  I stumbled upon quite a few recipes for baked eggs in spinach as well but wasn't really sold on them. Plus - I wanted bacon. And lots of it.

Because it's true - bacon makes everything better. 

So I combined quite a few recipes and ended up with a sophisticated green eggs and ham breakfast treat.  These are easy enough to make when you're bleary eyed on a Sunday morning and waiting for your coffee.  They're also impressive enough to whip up for a fancy brunch. Trust me, you really will like these  green eggs and ham.

Green Eggs and Ham

Yield: 4 baked eggs

Inspired by: this recipe from Epicurious

Special items: Get your ramekins ready! I've included pictures of assembly to make your life easier :)

6 strips of bacon

4 eggs

1 cup spinach

2 small scallions or 1 large scallion, thinly sliced

cooking spray or butter

salt + pepper

chevre, optional

1. Spray your ramekins with cooking spray and set aside on to a large rimmed baking sheet

2. Preheat your oven to 400F.

3. Heat a skillet to medium-high heat. Cook your bacon until it is brown but not crispy, about 5 minutes (you need to be able to mold it). Set aside on a plate lined with paper towels to drain.

4. Reserve 1 tablespoon of bacon fat (oh yeah, we're going there) in the skillet and heat over medium heat. Add your thinly sliced scallions and saute for 2-3 minutes.  Add your spinach and saute until wilted, another 3-5 minutes. Season lightly with salt and pepper.  Set aside.

5. Line the bottom of each ramekin with half a slice of bacon (cut in half again).  Line the sides of your ramekin with one slice of bacon, forming a collar. Try to leave a little bit of the collar raised to help make the transfer to ramekin to plate easier.

6. Distribute spinach evenly amongst ramekins.

7. Very carefully, crack 1 egg into each ramekin being sure not to break the yolk. Slow and steady, people.

8. Season egg with a dash of salt and pepper.

9. Bake for about 15 minutes until whites are just set (these will carry cook quite a bit). Let cool for 5 minutes before transferring.

10. You can definitely serve these in the ramekins or you can take them out if you wish.  To remove, carefully lift by the bacon collar and use a spoon to help guide the baked egg onto the plate.