A Weekend in Pictures

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Mother's day!  I actually had a Mother's weekend since my Mom and I did a little something together on Saturday. We went to the first BIG farmer's market of the season! It was packed and we went kind of late so I didn't snap as many pictures as I would have liked but don't worry, I will snap some good ones next weekend.

Farmer's market goodies! And in the right hand corner are lettuces from my Mom's garden! Yum!

The more gorgeous carrots and chives at the market

Check out those colors. I love spring!

Some g-free gougeres for appetizers on Sunday! We also made some dipping oils: rosemary oil, balsalmic, and garlic oil.

Brad going in for the garlic oil.

Guinness wants some too!

For mother's day dinner we had bacon burgers with freshly ground amazing beef and brandy peppercorn bacon. These were amazing!

And now I am off to work off those bacon burgers! Happy Monday!