A Day in Pictures: Take Two

Since the day in pictures post got so many views last week - I decided to do it again!  I think this just might be a weekly tradition.  This Sunday we spent the day at my parent's for an Italian themed day of face stuffing and movie watching. We watched the first Godfather since Brad has never seen any of the Godfather movies!! I know, crazy right?  Anyways - on to the pictures!

Mimosas - my favorite!

Delicious veggie filled frittata

I made muffins. I had a baking semi-fail with the blueberry muffins - I used frozen blueberries which immediately stained the batter despite flouring before hand. Whatever - they were delicious blueberry lemon smurf muffins.  I also mad honey grapefruit muffins.

My very hearty brunch: Frittata, half of each muffin, and a tuscan sausage

We needed a snack while watching the movie so we had some rice crackers, cheese, and bresoala which is a cured beef. Brad got some from the butchery - it was so so so good!

We had some lemon and herb roasted chicken, they were great! There are few things better than a good roasted chicken.

My dinner - roasted chicken with some pasta primavera. It was so delicious!

For dessert my mom made dark chocolate sorbet and I made strawberry gelato. Both were excellent and I'm glad I didn't bring home any of the dark chocolate sorbet because I could definitely eat the entire thing in one sitting.