Easy as Peanut Butter

Around here, we really like peanut butter.  Brad is somewhat of a peanut butter fanatic - when we started dating he had seven, seven, jars of peanut butter (not the small ones either) stored around his house.  I go through peanut butter fairly quickly myself since I love adding it to g-free overnight oats and smoothies.  Moral of the story: we are serious about our peanut butter. I like natural peanut butter - which Brad hates.  Brad likes good ol' Jiff - which I hate.  I didn't like all the extra additives and the sickeningly sweet taste and Brad didn't like the non-sweet taste and weird texture of natural peanut butter.  We agreed to disagree and just had separate peanut butter.  Then we found Earth Balance's vegan peanut butter which was sweetened with agave.  It was sweet enough for Brad and natural enough for me.


Except....it's kinda pricey.

And at the rate we go through the stuff - it really adds up.

So we decided to try making our own peanut butter since buying peanuts in bulk is pretty damn cheap and it didn't seem that difficult.  Turns out,  peanut butter is about the easiest thing you can make.

It only takes four ingredients: peanuts, peanut oil, salt, and honey (or your liquid sweetener of choice)

and one piece of equipment: food processor. This is necessary.  I don't think you could get everything to come together in a high-power blender but you can try. If you do, let me know.

How to make homemade Peanut Butter

This is more a template - feel free to use different nuts, sweeteners, and add in other goodies.

1. Make sure your peanuts are roasted and de-shelled. Try to get unsalted nuts as well, that way you can control the salt level.

(We buy ours roasted and de-shelled from the bulk area at our local market so we don't have to do anything here  - if you need to roast and de-shell - see this).

2. Put peanuts, fine sea salt (important that it is fine - you don't want gritty PB!), the amount of sweetener you like, and about 1 Tbsp of peanut oil per cup of peanuts.

3. Crank up the food processor and let it run for a bit.  You may think it isn't going to turn all creamy and smooth - don't worry, it will. Just give it a few minutes.

If your PB comes together in a big ball, I recommend adding a little extra peanut oil to thin it out.

Voila! Peanut butter.



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