Serendipity: A Gluten-Free Crepe Tortilla Wrap

Sometimes you set out to do something and it turns out in a way you didn't expect. Like when you set out to make a gluten-free tortilla and end up making some seriously good gluten-free crepes. I know. You're thinking - wait, how do you get from tortilla to crepe?  Well it happens when you're too tired from moving your fiance in all weekend, your mind is swirling with the 3,2305,305 things you have to do this week, and you adapt recipes on a whim.  At first, I was a little annoyed - all I wanted was some tortillas to eat with some beans for dinner. But then I tasted them. Swoon. It's like a crepe and tortilla met, had some drinks, got hitched, and had a delicious wrap worthy baby. Yes, a crepe tortilla baby.

Interestingly, I have tried to make crepes before when I was not gluten-free.  Key word is tried.  I failed at them each time - I could never get them just pliable enough or the batter to taste just right.  Apparently, the inner crepe maker in me just needed to be coaxed out by the promise of a wrap worthy tortilla. Weird? Definitely. But totally serendipitous.

Gluten-free Crepe Tortilla Wraps adapted from Karina over at Gluten-Free Goddess

Interestingly enough, the original recipe was made from Karina's crepe recipe! This recipe makes delicious crepes or you can make crepe tortilla wraps.

Makes about 8-10 crepe wraps, depending on how large you want them. 140g millet flour 70g sorghum flour 70g brown rice flour 70g cornstarch 2 tsp. ground flax meal mixed with 3 tsps. hot water 1 tsp. bake powder 1 tsp. salt 3 Tbsp olive oil 1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar 2 eggs 1 cup hot water (you made need more) 1/2 cup non-dairy milk (or regular milk!)

Combine all of your dry ingredients.  Sift or mix with a stand mixer to aerate and incorporate.  Add your liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients gradually.  If you need more water, add it.  I recommend adding the water slowly - if you add too much it will be watery.  The batter should look like a somewhat thin pancake batter.

After you have mixed your batter, lightly oil a cast iron skillet and get it really hot. You can use a griddle or a non-stick pan if you like, I just happen to lack non-stick pans and a gluten-free griddle. (Or you can use a crepe pan if you have one!)

I recommend transferring the batter into something that is easy to pour - like a Pyrex liquid measuring cup.  When the pan is nice and hot, slowly pour the batter into the pan while swirling in a circular motion (if you want a wrist workout, use the cast iron). Alternatively, if you are using a griddle, quickly spread the batter out with the back of a spoon. The batter will begin to bubble around the edges and you will want to flip. Not just yet, wait until it looks like the batter is almost set - then flip and cook the other side for a minute or two, depending on how brown you like them.

Transfer to a plate, cool, and fill with whatever your heart desires.

You can fill these with all sort of savory or sweet fillings - experiment and enjoy!



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